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Safety & Security

Phoebe A. Hearst Preschool Learning Center is dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment for the wonderful children entrusted to our care. And while we are well aware that no amount of effort and thoroughness can eliminate risks entirely, over the years our experience, attention to detail and extra effort has resulted in an exceptional record of safety for both families and staff alike.

Our safety program is built upon three philosophical cornerstones: compatibility, prevention, and partnership. Policies attempt to prevent accidents and incidents before they happen, including procedures promoting both internal controls as well as conversation with parents regarding awareness and encouraged involvement. These policies also attempt to simultaneously preserve the basic style and mission of our educational philosophy. We feel that together, the resulting measures combine to promote a healthy, safe and rich school environment for all parties concerned.

The following is a list of specific measures currently in place to promote the happy and healthy well being of our community. Note these measures are described with a basic educational or school environment for context.

School Safety and Security Services Summary

Child Supervision and School Personnel

Phoebe A. Hearst Preschool Learning Center features an open environment blending supervised activities with self-initiated learning.

1. Classroom activities are professionally supervised at all times by staff. This supervision extends to both indoor and outdoor activity.

2. Appropriate qualification reviews are conducted both before and during staff employment. Performance evaluations are ongoing.

Parents and Authorized Parties

Phoebe A. Hearst is more than a preschool, it’s a community. The preschool welcomes parents to come and observe their children during specific times of the school day, as well as participate in a variety of volunteer activities.

3. Children are accounted for at all times.

4. Children are allowed to leave only with authorized parents or representatives. School access is restricted to approved individuals.

5. Suspicious parent or child behavior is being identified, reported, and responded to by school director.

Facilities and Neighborhood Supervision

Phoebe A. Hearst Preschool features a classroom rather than curbside system of child drop-off. We feel this reduces the distance between family and classroom, increasing parent proximity to the classroom environment.

That being said, the curbside has its place as a meeting place for families, friends and staff. Over the years many long-lasting friendships have been formed from families congregating in front of the school, taking a moment from an otherwise busy day, and celebrating the experience of life and parenting with each other.

6. 24-hour surveillance cameras are in place to monitor front and side of school grounds.

7. Active communication with local law enforcement is ongoing promoting stepped up patrols around school grounds.

8. The school office provides visual surveillance of parking lot during hours of operation.

9. Reviews for hazardous materials, substances and contaminated food have been performed.

Emergency Response Services

10. School staff is trained in Basic First Aid and CPR, and participate in periodic refresher courses.

11. An in-depth Health Emergency Response Plan is in place.

12. An Emergency Disaster Response Plan is in place, including an Earthquake Preparedness Program.

Note to families

Families are encouraged to participate in conversation with school staff regarding school safety in order to determine what additional precautions may seem appropriate for their particular situation.

As presented earlier, no amount of effort and thoroughness can eliminate risks entirely, but with attention to detail, extra effort and an open communication with parents, your time with Phoebe A. Hearst Preschool Learning Center will be both a happy and a healthy experience.